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Call for Papers


Christian democracy during the ‘time of change’ – the democratic awakening in the GDR and Eastern Central Europe


Frischluft e.V. – a Christian-Democratic organization for children and youth – is calling for submissions about the topic

“Reappraisal of the Christian democratic work in connection with the democratic awakening after the peaceful revolution in the GDR and Eastern Central Europe”

in the form of

-        Scientific papers,

-        Essays,

-        Audio,

-        Pictures and videos,

-        Or other digital media.

The deadline for submission is 30.09.2021.


Thematic scope

Without question the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 1989 was not just a historical turning point for Germany but also for Eastern and Central Europe.

The peaceful revolutions did not start in Germany. The Germans followed Poland and Hungary, where there were already peaceful revolutions for a democratic awakening since the beginning of the 80’s. But the fall of the Berlin Wall started a new dynamic of change towards the development of a reform movement in Czechoslovakia. The background of the reform movement in Germany and East Central Europe is very complex. On one hand you will see similarities in their cause; on the other hand you will find different developments in various states up until the present day. The ‘time of change’ is a result based on historical developments in and before 1989/90.

For us at Frischluft e.V., all these aspects are different starting-points to have a closer look into the peaceful revolutions as an initiator for the democratic awakening in GDR and East Central Europe. This initiative is financially supported by the Federal Foundation for Reappraisal. As a Christian-Democratic organization for children and youth we would like to focus on the role of Christian democracy during the ‘time of change’ and its pre-history.

Frischluft e.V. is the Christian-Democratic children and youth organization for Germany. As part of the Christian-Democratic movement we would like to address young people, who would like to participate, create and support education of children and adolescents as well as political education in Germany and Europe.

From our understanding people are self-responsible individuals within a society. Our goal is to educate young people about tolerance as well as independent and responsible living and acting in a democratic state and pluralistic society.

To find out more about Frischluft e.V. please visit

In addition to a publication in a book, we will reward the best ideas and papers in this competition. A jury will assess and evaluate all entries in a preselection via a scoring system. The selected participants have the chance to present their work in a publically accessible, online meeting. After the jury evaluates the participants work and presentation, they will choose and award an overall winner within the specific categories. The awarded winners will finally be published on the internet.

These are the categories:

-        Best German article

-        Best foreign article (English or German)

-        Best German digital contribution

-        Best foreign digital contribution(English or German)


-        Formalities and deadlines to be met will be explained further down.

-        Every entry in the competition has to clearly identify its source.

Depending on which type of media you are creating, you have to follow either journalistic or scientific standards.

-        We expect well-founded but easy-to-read papers by the author.

-        From scientific meta-study to interviewing your (great) grandparents, there are no limits to your creativity.

Formalities and process (deadline, editing)


-        18-27 year olds on the day of the deadline 30.09.2021

Application documents:

-        Form and declarations (When you hand in your work, you accept the fact that it might be published.)

-        Word document

-        Length:                                             max. 12 pages

-        Font:                                                  Times New Roman

-        Font size:                                         12pt

-        Line and paragraph spacing:       1.15

-        Margins:                                           left 25mm, right 25mm,

top 25mm, bottom 20mm

-        Quotations:                                     from scientific to Harvard quoting

-        E-mail address to register and submit your entry:

Timetable and deadlines:

-        From 31.05.2021:            participants registration

-        Until 30.06.2021:            submit “my work in a tweet” (What is it about, what makes

                                            it “enjoyable” to read)

-        Until 31.08.2021:            submission of the abstract (max. 1.500 characters)

-        Until 30.09.2021:            latest submission // Last opportunity to register and submit

your entry

-        Until 31.10.2021:            announcement of finalists

-        Until 30.11.2021:            finals

-        Until 31.12.2021:            submission of revised work for publication (in case of audio,

video or picture, you need to hand in an abstract)

Documents and information

-        All documents and updates can be found under:


For further information or if you have any questions please contact the office: Hagen Holste (managing director)

We are looking forward to receive your entries!


This project is kindly supported by the Federal Foundation for the study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany.

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